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Oposiciones is the word used to denote the exam or set of exams that a person needs to pass in order to obtain a position in the system of Spanish public workers or, in other words, to become a funcionario . They are structured in a way that should make the system as objective as possible to the applicants.
Spain offers the ideal backdrop for an international teaching experience. The Spanish culture, history, language, scenery, and food are all reasons teaching English in Spain is a good idea! If you can imagine yourself meandering the streets of Andalucia and taking in the magnificent La Giralda, or munching on tapas in a chic Madrid bar-restaurante, Spain is just the place for you.
Which ones are the advantages of being a civil servant in Spain?
Civil servants or in Spanish funcionarios cannot be fired, they have their job for life until they renounce it, they can only access the job with an exam against millions of people, but once they have it they have it forever. They have a public salary which improves with hierarchy and they receive a public pension when retired. They have free private health insurance and cereer development training. Moreover,  They have paid vacations plus "moscosos" which are days off they gain as they rise up in the hierarchy of their job.
One reason that Spain is a top English Teaching job market is that the demand for English language instruction is high. With an economy reliant on sectors like tourism, hospitality, and international trade, many jobs in Spain require English skills. In turn, Spaniards invest considerable time, energy, and money into learning English to enhance their professional and educational opportunities.
Public servants in Spain (funcionarios) are always recruited by public competition (oposiciones). Exams are generally fair, and all available positions are highly demanded, because they mean a job for life. 200 candidates for each open position is a quite usual situation. Many candidates spend two or more years of their life preparing for the exams.And it is even harder than it sounds so far (if that wasn’t enough for you) because not only are you competing to pass—which isn’t easy itself—you also have to do well enough to beat out the competition and get a placement, or plaza . In fact, it is not uncommon for people to pass the exam and not get anywhere close to getting the job. In this case, they can become interinos who basically take substitute positions for people who are out on leave for an indefinite period of time. Another thing to consider when hoping for a spot is that, in addition to the grade of the test itself, oposiciones count ‘points’ from different activities that help you raise this grade.
Spanish schools now teach English from an early age and the Ministry of Education in Spain recruits English speakers to work as language and cultural assistants in Spanish primary schools and Spanish secondary schools. Assistants can be placed in primary or secondary schools and will work on conversation sessions with pupils
If you are interested in landing a job at the education public service abroad, I will help you to secure the maximum grade at the exam.

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